No. 10

Contemporary Glass Extension on Cambridge Home

The homeowners of No. 10 wanted a new kitchen and dining room extension that would face their garden, allowing them to enjoy the views and the indoor-outdoor living experience throughout the year.

This glass extension was manufactured and installed by IQ Glass with the addition of glass sliding doors.


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Snell David, Steven Carroll 


Cambridge, UK

The glass sliding doors installed for this project are biparting, helping to create a large opening into the home. These sliding glass doors also allow the homeowners to merge their garden with the new dining and kitchen area, creating an indoor-outdoor living experience.

The floor-to-ceiling glass façades included in this extension maximise the natural light intake into the new living area. The slim frame of only 21mm provides the best views of the garden area without any obstruction.


The aluminium framing used for these sliding glass doors is thermally broken, providing impressive amounts of thermal insulation into the home. With high specification glazing and the impressive engineering of this sliding door system, no draughts can pass through these glass sliding doors, meaning the extension on the home will be warm in the winter months.

Reflective coatings on the glass also prevent too much heat to pass through, giving a cool glass extension to the home in the summer months. This project won the Regional award for the ‘Best Extension Project’ at the Building Excellence Awards 2016.