Mount House

Frameless glass link links one dwelling to another

This countryside home in Kent underwent a major renovation to include a modern extension that was linked to the original dwelling with a frameless glass link. We worked with Ciel Interior Design to create light-filled, design-driven spaces. The use of frameless and slim framed glazing systems combines modern and traditional elements for a unique result. Choosing frameless glass preserves the original character of the dwelling, never detracting from the traditional red brick exterior design.

Using our in-house developed structural glazing system, Invisio, IQ designed and installed a minimal glass link. The glass link is thermally insulated thanks to the thermally broken properties of our structural glass system, achieving a comfortable living temperature for the homeowners to use the link without being exposed to the elements or a climate change when accessing the extension building.

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High Weald National Landscape, Kent

Inside the glass link, linking the glass unit to the internal living space of the home is a frameless glass pivot door. The extremely minimal door gives the appearance of a simple casement door when closed, only revealing its unique pivoting mechanism when opened. The glass link is home to a neat corridor, with the same floor finish as the main building for a continuous flow.

Elsewhere on the property, a glass casement door was specified to provide another access point between indoor and outdoor areas. A Sieger slim casement door was chosen for this entrance point, characterised by its slim aluminium frames and high glass-to-frame ratio. The slim framed casement door is thermally broken, to enhance the functionality of the space and provide comfortable temperatures for the internal spaces.

Sliding doors and gable end glazing were specified for the extension building, creating a contemporary theme for the exterior design. Sieger slim sliding doors were utilised in a two-pane configuration, with one sliding behind the other when open. The two-pane configuration allowed the glass panes to be bigger than if it was split into three, creating a fully glazed façade design that has very little visible framing.

Gable end glazing sits above the sliding glass doors, allowing even more natural light to flow into the internal space. The extension building leads directly to an outdoor living space, where sofa’s sit surrounded by unique outside plants. When the sliding doors are open, the flush threshold detail allows for seamless travel between the two environments, granting the ability to create one large indoor-outdoor living space.

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