Modern Home Extension

IQ Glass designed, manufactured and installed all the architectural glazing used on this home in Surrey. A structural glass roof has been installed onto the top level of this home. This large glass roof has been installed to provide natural light through the staircase and into the home as there are no windows in this central area of the property.



This structural glass roof has a low iron glass beam to provide structural support internally. This beam provides a completely transparent horizontal element with frameless detailing at the edges to hide all brackets and fixings.

A large central staircase is lit by this glass rooflight which gives access to a small rooftop extension and a large rooftop terrace. An aluminium casement door has been installed onto this extension to provide access to the rooftop living space.

On the ground floor amongst the main living areas, two sets of glass sliding doors have been installed onto this home, each with a different configuration. One set of three-pane large sliding glass doors open to one side of the home and the other set of four-pane sliding doors are biparting. Both of these openings extend the living areas into the garden. This allows the kitchen and dining area to merge with the outdoors, creating the ideal indoor-outdoor living space, perfect for use in the summer.

Vitra Pivot has been installed onto the extension to create another exit and entrance to the home or patio area. This full height window transforms to a pivot door when required.

Aluminium casement windows have been installed in various places and in different sizes on the home bringing light into upper floor bedrooms and bathrooms. A large aluminium casement window has been installed onto the home office, at the opposite end of the garden to the kitchen and living area. This window helps enhance the natural light into the home. All framing on the windows and doors have been powder coated grey to match the exterior of the extension.


As well as having sliding glass doors to maximise the natural light intake, frameless rooflights have also been installed onto the kitchen to provide extra lighting in the large space. A frameless rooflight has also been installed in the home office to provide extra light into the living area as there are no windows on this area of the extension.

A small sliding glass door has been placed on the side of this home office to provide access to the garden as the sliding glass doors are unable to be locked from the outside for added safety.

Slim framed sliding glass windows have been installed on the top floor, allowing the natural light into the bedroom. These windows are slim framed, allowing the maximum amount of light into the bedroom and allowing perfect views of the garden with no frame obstruction.