Mill Hill London

Modern copper-clad extension

This copper-clad extension was designed to a new detached family home in Mill Hill, London, by Andris Berzins & Associates / ArchitectYourHome Camden. The homeowner's aim of this extension was to create an open-plan ground floor living space which naturally flowed out onto a new terrace and patio area at the rear of the home. To achieve this, various glazing installations were included in the design, such as large sliding doors, an internal Mondrian® System and an Aluminium Casement Door all used to merge the living spaces and create generous natural light intake.

The whole exterior facade of the extension was designed with copper cladding which will mellow and change tones throughout time, as it is exposed to the elements. This aspect of the design allows you to distinguish between the new and existing areas of the property and creates a modern aesthetic that blends tonally with the brickwork of the existing property.

An internal Mondrian® system was installed to create a divide between the kitchen and the open-plan living room and dining area. The single glazed Mondrian® system was designed with two fixed screens surrounding either side of the double door. The steel framed double doors allow the homeowners to close off or open up the kitchen as and when desired.

Beside the Mondrian® arrangement, a single glazed fixed screen and side hung door were installed with a back painted glass finish. The back painted glass adds an element of privacy to the side entrance of the extension, which is accessed through an aluminium casement door.

The living room and dining room flow seamlessly into each other in an 'L' shape, with the dining room surrounded at two sides by a corner minimal windows® system. The minimal windows® sliding doors were designed with one fixed pane, which met a 3-track sliding system at the corner. This design enables the ground floor living spaces to be flooded with natural light from various angles, resulting in light and airy internal rooms.

The architects worked closely with lighting designers to achieve a flurry of recessed lights within the ceiling of the extension, to continue the sophisticated, contemporary aesthetic. To the kitchen and dining area, circular lights were installed that were flush with the finish of the ceiling for super modern interior design.