Lowther Road

Contemporary Rear Extension with Window Seat

These homeowners wanted to add modern elements to their contemporary London home. IQ designed and installed various glazed elements throughout the home as well as a new rear extension to compliment the home and expand the usable space.


A steel surround with a rusted finish frame the sliding glass doors that link the outside and inside environment. Following a biophilic design, the new inside area has an outside feel to it, bridging the gap between the two.

The sliding doors, used in conjunction with large elevations of structural glass, meets both the supporting beams and a large pivot window. The pivot window is designed to create a glass window seat, creating a bright spot for relaxing.

The addition of the rear extension meant the family home could incorporate an open plan kitchen dining area. An influx of natural light is brought in by the minimally framed sliding doors and structural glass, that light travels through the home with the help of a roof light, situated within a glazed link.

Linking the old and the new, the roof light within the structural glass roof is automated. With the click of a button it opens and with sensors, it closes automatically when rainfall occurs. 

Upstairs the master bedroom was lacking in natural light and ventilation. IQ designed and installed a Juliet style balcony window using a typical aluminium casement door system, with the added safety element of a glass balustrade.

The glass balustrade is completely frameless, never detracting from the window design or the aesthetic of the building as a whole. The doors, opening internally, make the bedroom feel bigger and brighter.