Lime Grove - London

Contemporary rear extension to terraced home

This London home benefitted from a contemporary rear extension, expanding the homeowners' useable space whilst introducing tonnes of natural light into the living spaces. IQ Glass worked closely with LBMV Architects to produce something beautiful, unique, and above all else, functional.


On one side of the home, the original brick structure has been preserved to become part of the extension, creating an exposed brick feature wall in the dining room. Slim framed sliding glass doors in RAL 8019, a grey-brown, provide direct access to the garden space whilst allowing the homeowners to view the garden from the dining area when the doors are closed. The sliding door is split into two, with one sliding and one fixed pane.

As well as traveling between the two environments, the sliding door adds ventilation to the space, which is particularly important in kitchen environments where humidity is higher.Above the dining room table, a large frameless rooflight from the Sieger range has been strategically placed to enable the natural light to stretch even further into the home. This fixed element, along with the other glass systems used, means the homeowners can use less artificial lighting in the daytime, helping them be more in tune with humans' natural circadian rhythm as well as saving on energy bills.

Along the side of the extension, a full glass roof has been used. The glass roof has been engineered to sit higher than the ground floor ceiling, granting the illusion of a bigger space. This ‘stepped’ roof technique is ideal for narrow spaces, such as terraced homes.

The structural glass roof is split into large panes, joined with structural silicone for the most minimal finish. Using our Invisio structural glazing system, the system is fully thermally broken to ensure the internal environment is a comfortable living temperature all year round. Opting for thermally broken systems not only makes the space functional but can also save on heating and energy bills.

The structure of the extension was dictated by pillars, manufactured using traditional bricks and plastered in white on the internal face. The structural glass roof stretches beyond the pillar on one side of the extension, leaving a gap that has been filled with structural glass. Utilising structural glass in place of a brick wall allows more natural light into the property, forging a strong connection to the outside environment for an indoor-outdoor style of living.