La Moraleja

Minimal sliding glass systems create seamless transitions

This expansive new build property occupies a sprawling rural estate on the outskirts of Madrid, Spain. Designed by OTTO MEDEM Arquitectura, the contemporary property features a strikingly unique front façade made up of three symmetrical cubic sections that house an impressive set of double-height sliding doors at the very centre, with glass boxes to each side.

Oversized glazing was used throughout the property with a beautifully minimal, frameless effect due to the outer frames being hidden within the building’s finishes. The interior aesthetic of the large house matches the carefully minimal design, with sparse furnishings dotted within each room and expanses of pale marble floors and ceilings, creating beautiful reflections from the influx of light.


Antonio Lachos


Madrid, Spain

The design of the property revolves around the seamless connection between each room and the surrounding grounds. To this end, sliding door systems from panoramah! were installed to the front and the rear of the contemporary home. Double height ah!38 sliding systems create an uninterrupted transition between the minimal internal seating areas and the paved external terrace running the length of the home.

To the side of the house, a stunning 6m tall pivot glass door connects a short passageway to the garden. The pivot configuration adds a unique touch to the design, while the near frameless design floods the small hallway with natural light.

Throughout the home, structural glazing was used to create frameless glass walls to connect each of the main living spaces. At the rear of the property, several such glass walls were used to construct an internal glazed courtyard that houses a small tree, strengthening the homeowners’ connection to the surrounding nature.

Double height sliding glass doors seamlessly connect the courtyard to a minimal living room on one side, whilst the minimal glass walls double up as large picture windows that allow the occupants of the rooms on either side to enjoy the tranquil views of the tree.