KO House

Slim sliding glass doors create stunning glazed elevations

This unique new build home uses minimal sliding glass doors and frameless structural glazing to create large facades that link the internal spaces with the picturesque swimming pool and manicured garden space surrounding the property.

Clad in locally sourced stone to pay homage to the character of the surrounding district, the slim framed glass wrapping around the two sides of the lower and upper floors adds a sense of modern minimalism to the home, accentuated further by carefully curated furnishings and minimal spot lighting to create bright, open living spaces.


Oded Smadar



Ah!38 sliding systems were chosen for the luxury property, their slim 20mm frames powder coated in silver to match the bright whites and greys used throughout the living spaces. To the ground floor, a large two-pane sliding system connects the main internal seating space with an external terrace area, perfect for enjoying the warm evenings and reflections playing on the clear water of the pool in front.

To the upper floor, a second set of sliding glass doors lines one wall of the master bedroom, granting easy access to a large balcony overlooking the gardens and cityscape beyond. A fixed corner section of structural glazing is integrated beside the sliding doors, with additional frameless effect picture windows lining the adjacent wall to provide panoramic views across both sides of the room.

Above each glazed elevation, concealed blinds are hidden within the building’s finishes so as to provide a minimal shading option during the heat of the day, without detracting from the clean, minimal interior design. Similarly, the outdoor patio table is situated below a building-integrated louvre roof system that gives adjustable shading and protection from the sun.

Frameless glass balustrades line the floating staircase, adding to the bright, open plan feel of the main living space. The completely transparent glass ensures the natural light continues to flow uninterrupted throughout the room, avoiding the typical dark and enclosed feel that often arises when fitting stairs into a home’s design, while the toughened laminated glazing ensures the safety of the room’s occupants.

To the first floor, another set of frameless balustrades line the large balcony area. The low iron glass used for these external balustrades ensures that a clear sightline can be maintained from the light-filled bedroom, even when the sliding doors are closed.

With such a large surface area of glazing across the contemporary property, each of the modern systems were specified with solar control coatings to counteract the solar gain. This minimal coating maintains clear light transmission through the glass, while reflecting much of the sun’s heat back outside, thus keeping the internal space at a comfortable temperature.