Kewferry Drive

Minimal architectural glazing to a modern new build house in Northwood

IQ Glass provided all architectural glazing elements to this new build house in Northwood.

The original house was demolished with a 5 bedroom contemporary home built in its place. Modern steel-like windows were used across the front elevation of the new build home.

To the rear, slim framed and structural glass was used to create a clean design and a light-filled interior design.

Minimal windows sliding glass doors were used on the ground floor and upper floors to create large format opening windows and doors. The slim 21mm framing of the minimal windows leant itself to the design of large windows with slim frames.

On the ground floor, the slim framed sliding glass doors were used as high-end architectural patio doors, connecting the ground floor living areas with the large rear gardens.


The flush floor track of the minimal windows allows that continuation of inside to outside, removing a defining barrier between the spaces.

The focal point of the ground floor architectural glazing is the frameless structural glass window and roof.

The up and over structural glass installation continues the design of minimally framed architectural glazing throughout the build with a frameless glass elevation and connecting glass roof over a snug seating area.


frameless glass beam and fin combination were used to support the frameless structural glass installation and allow lots of light to enter the internal seating area.

On the upper floors, the slim framed sliding glass doors were installed with frameless glass balustrades integrated within the slim aluminium frames to create a frameless Juliette Balcony and to match the sliding glass door designs on the lower floor and the large frameless window in the centre.


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