Kew Road - Richmond

Glass Extension with Oversized Glass and Sliding Glass Doors

This modern glass extension in Richmond was completed by IQ Glass in 2015 incorporating a large, double height pane of oversized glass with our slim framed sliding glass doors for an impressive finish.

The impressive aspect of this project was the oversized glass unit, spanning over two storeys of the glass extension. This continuous piece of glass, measuring over 5.6m high, helps connect both the upper and lower parts of this rear extension and creates a clear backdrop for the curved, frameless glass staircase.


Minimal steel supporting structures, designed by IQ Glass, connect this oversized glass unit of frameless structural glass with the slim framed sliding doors adjacent to it, neatly, maintaining the slim profiled design of the entire rear glass elevation.

An asymmetrical installation of our slim framed sliding glass doors acted as the rear garden access, maintaining the minimal sightlines within the rear glass elevation. In most installations of minimal windows, the sliding glass doors are designed as equal-sized panes for a uniform design.

But here, due to the design of the roof angles the minimal windows panes were of an unequal size to line up with the roof point, with the smaller pane sliding over an oversized fixed unit, measuring over 3m wide and 3m high.

Further, into the property a frameless structural glass installation was designed as an ‘Up and Over’ frameless window. Here two elements of structural glass were used to follow the line of the wall and sloped roof giving the illusion of a slot being cut into the side of the building.