Keeling House

Sliding Glass Doors with Sandblasted Louvres for Privacy

Keeling House is a Grade II listed building in London that was recently converted from a redundant water tank into a maisonette, which sits on top of a residential housing unit. This is a complete transformation of the space and extra care and consideration was needed as the building is listed. IQ’s year of experience designing and installation specialist glazing for listed building projects proved to be useful for this project.

As part of the planning requirements for this sensitive build, the slim framed aluminium sliding doors utilise sandblasted glass to provide privacy to the internal living spaces whilst still allowing natural light to flow freely into the home.

Vertical sandblasted glass louvres have also been integrated into the glass installation in front of the sliding door opening to enhance the privacy of the owners and surrounding residences when the central sliding glass door is open. These louvres also provide a unique, contemporary aesthetic to the maisonette as they are not a common design in glazing design.

By having these louvres incorporated into the sliding glass doors, maximum amounts of natural light can be passed through into the home as well as a good amount of ventilation without allowing vision into the home from the neighbouring apartments when the sliding doors are open.


A frameless glass balustrade was installed within the glass sliding door opening, resulting in a modern Juliet balcony design that provides a safety barrier for the occupants when the glass sliding doors are open.

Using a frameless glass balustrade allows natural light to pass through into the home as well as preventing any obstruction to views that could have occurred with a frame.

For more information on the glazing used in this project or about glazing for listed buildings, contact the team at IQ today.


Awards: Don't Move, Improve 2018, Best Historic Intervention