House of Plants

Luxury build in Mexico features oversized vertical sash windows

This expansive build, cast in a pale exterior colour, presents a fully glazed façade design. With a neutral colour scheme and natural materials used, the rear façade backs onto manicured lawns to enjoy the weather.

The main feature of this large home is the oversized vertical sash window, stretching all the way up above the top floor, the tallest part of the build. Split into 3 panes, the vertical sash window from panoramah! is designed with a central, fixed pane and 2 moving panes above and below. 


Frank Lynen



The vertical sash window is located directly opposite the grand front door design, providing uninterrupted views straight through the home from the entrance. On either side of the vertical sash section, slim framed sliding doors accompany fixed frameless glazing for a fully glazed aesthetic.

The sliding doors have the same ultra-slim 20mm sightlines as the vertical sash window and both systems provide excellent performance values as well as innovative designs. When open, the sliding window and door systems reveal large openings, linking the indoor and outdoor environments for an indoor-outdoor style of living.

Due to the warmer climate of Mexico, the homeowners can enjoy merging the two spaces to enjoy as one large living space. Frameless glass balustrades offer a safety barrier to the balcony area on the first floor, without obstructing the views or paths of natural light.

The beauty of using vertical sash windows in conjunction with the ah!38 sliding door systems is the coherent finish. The panoramah! systems have all been finished in the same colour, in contrast with the main building colour, resulting in a unique exterior design that flows beautifully. The expansive use of glass here ensures the property is flooded with natural light in every room, creating a bright, inviting atmosphere.