Greek home featuring panoramah! pocket sliding door systems

This luxury home, set on the beach in Greece, offers expansive views across the Aegean sea. The property, designed by VOIS Architects, follows a uniform shape throughout with sharp edges and a rectangular theme.

A large infinity pool stretches onto the beach from the rear of the property, leading directly to the sandy beach and creating a beautiful setting to relax and unwind.

On the external face, sliding door systems ah!38 from panoramah! take up an entire wall. Sliding to reveal a completely open aperture with stunning views, the minimally framed door system is unrivalled in its ability to forge a strong bond between inside and outside areas.


Erieta Attali & Athina Souli


Paros, Greece

The slim framed sliding doors have been configured to slide into pockets within the external walls, giving the illusion of no glazing at all when open. Beyond the doors, there is a lounge area with sunken seating areas, constructed in concrete for a raw yet polished aesthetic.

On the other side of the sunken lounge, there is a second set of ultra-slim framed sliding doors, designed for a symmetrical room design. These doors, leading to an internal courtyard, mirror the external design with another pocket door configuration. The symmetrical oversized glazing design allows the space to appear bigger, brighter and encourages a natural flow throughout the floorplan.


Both sets of doors have unrivalled thermal performances and are fully equipped to withstand harsh weather environments such as the seafront environment. Step-free access merges the living area with the outside setting seamlessly.

The slim frames are powder coated in a dark colour to create a contrast to the white property, with much of the furniture and interior design following this trend. Using oversized glazing in this environment allows the property to maintain a minimalistic design, focusing purely on the beautiful surroundings.