Home Office Glass Garden Room

A Glass Garden Room with Glass Link

This glass garden room creates a standalone home office building that sits within the private garden of the house. Using large glass walls of sliding glass doors, the home office building ensures that the interiors are bathed in natural light at all times.  

Glass elevations make up three walls of the glass garden room with sliding glass panels creating the large glass walls. These slim framed sliders open away from each corner, allowing freedom of movement from within the glass home office to the surrounding decking and then the garden.  

The minimal nature of the glass sliding doors within the glass garden room offer floor to ceiling glass elevations with minimal sightlines vertically. The result is a glass garden room with more than 50% glass as the façade. The large overhang from the solid roof ensures solar protection as well as protecting the working area from glare.  

The large glass sizes available in IQ’s large glass sliding doors surrounding the home office ensure the internal space has an abundance of natural light that is so important for efficient working habits. 

The sliding glass panels of the glass garden room are framed in slim aluminium which has been finished in a silver anodise. This colouration of the aluminium frames complements the light timber interiors and structure of the glass garden room.  

The glass garden room is linked to the main home via a frameless glass link. The glass link is single storey and stepped, mirroring the level changes of the walkway from the glass garden room to the existing house. 

The resulting garden room is a modern space full of light and creating an optimal working and studying environment for all.