Highgate West Hill

Double Height Glass Box Extension

A key design feature of Victorian terraced housing is their stacked nature with rooms and spaces piled on top of each other in a linear fashion. This Victorian house was completely renovated and given an open plan makeover by the award-winning architects at Paul Archer Design.

IQ worked closely with the architectural team to help ensure that every corner of the new living spaces received the natural light and views it deserved.



Featured In

Swedish Architectural & Interiors Magazine Nya Rum - Jan 2013, Interior Design (Taiwan) - Jan/Feb 2014


Architect: Paul Archer Design.



To the rear of the property, the lower ground and upper ground floor spaces were connected with a double height glass extension. It bridged the gap between the two layers of living space and provided views out across the garden right from the front of the house.

The glass extension structure was created with a 3D structural glass roof design that was boxed to ensure an uninterrupted view could be obtained from the upper ground floor living room. Below the glass roof, an aluminium bifold door allows the lower ground floor dining room to open directly out onto the levelled patio area.



Lighting a glass extension required forethought as part of the design phase. This was expertly achieved within the glass extension by reinforcing the structural glass beam of the glass roof. A pendant light was then able to be hung directly from the glass structure with the wires hidden within the laminated glass.

A pop out glass balcony - complete with a glass floor and frameless glass balustrades - provides a viewing platform of the garden from the upper floor living space. The clear glass design is in keeping with the modern aesthetics of the extension and renovation works and does not disrupt sightlines from the sofas to the garden.


Elsewhere within the renovation, an aluminium door provides side access to the garden, aluminium bi-folding doors connect the master bedroom to its own private balcony and frameless balustrades ensure light filters to every corner.