Hartington Road

Contemporary rear extension with corner opening sliding doors and sliding clerestory windows

This contemporary rear extension in London uses slim framed aluminium glazing systems to create a highly glazed extension that opens up and allows indoor and outdoor environments to be fully merged. The ground floor extension features corner opening sliding door systems that slide back to reveal a floating roof structure.

The glazing systems have been finished in a light grey colour, to match the metal cladding that sits in an angular shape above the sliding glass doors. The opening corner configuration features a two pane and a three pane sliding glass door, with exceptionally slim sightlines of just 21mm to capitalise on the natural light.



Clive Sherlock Photography

Russel Hunt Architects 



Above the slim framed sliding glass door systems, a gable end window can be seen wrapped in metal cladding. The metal cladding is pale grey in colour and the aluminium glazing systems have been powder coated in the same light grey for a coherent design, creating a contrast against the traditional yellow brick on both the original building and the new extension.

Inside the new kitchen extension, an oversized fixed aluminium window has been installed as part of a window seat. The cosy corner seating area is the perfect space for relaxing and enjoying the garden from within the home, with thermally broken properties ensuring the highly glazed space is suitable for year round use.

Lining the top of the contemporary rear extension’s walls, clerestory windows can be found. These sliding window systems enhance the ventilation of the living space, using the same slim aluminium profiles as the oversized sliding door systems or a consistent finish.

Sliding window systems are perfect for increasing the ventilation in high humidity areas such as the kitchen, giving the homeowners the option to circulate the airflow without having to open the large sliding doors.

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