Green Barn

Merging the Old With the New Using a Glass Link

IQ Specialist Works designed and installed a glass link between a traditional cottage and new conservatory in Wiltshire to merge the old with the new.

This frameless glass link adds the perfect contemporary touch to the traditional brick property. A glass link was necessary for this project as the homeowners wanted to create a connection that still allowed their beautifully bricked building to be visible from the outside.

The installation of this frameless glass link maximises the natural light intake into the space, providing a well-lit living area throughout the day. 

Solar control coatings were used to protect the highly glazed space from overheating under direct sunlight.

Using a frameless glass link creates the illusion of a gap between the home and conservatory when being looked at from far away.

This is often a preferred method of extension for planning consultants and English Heritage. This glass link provides more living space which could have been reduced with a simple conservatory extension.

Metal beams were installed to create a safe and fully supported glass link. Incorporating slim metal beams with the large glass panels creates an almost completely open space, maximising the natural light intake and views of the surrounding area.

Using metal beams also creates a contrast with the timber supports which create a more traditional touch to the conservatory.