Gardener’s Cottage

Bespoke structural glazing in Lincolnshire was utilised for this modern refurbishment

Surrounded by scenic views, this contemporary renovation was designed to expand the useable space for the homeowners whilst maximising the natural light throughout the internal living spaces. A number of slim framed aluminium systems were utilised in conjunction with frameless structural glazing solutions for the most minimal design.

The bespoke structural glazing in Lincolnshire was designed and installed by our dedicated Midlands and North division, who specialise in complex glazing solutions for projects in these regions of the UK.

Aluminium bifolding door systems were chosen to till the large structural opening, in a five pane configuration with a traffic door. The slim framed bifolding door systems stack neatly to one side to reveal a completely open aperture, allowing indoor and outdoor environments to be fully merged when the weather permits and forging a strong connection to nature from within the home.

The project included bespoke structural glazing in Lincolnshire, in both horizontal and vertical configurations. The structural glass above the aluminium bifolding doors allows floods of natural light into the living space, meeting roof glazing panels for additional light and a fully glazed design. Where the horizontal and vertical glass meet, only neat structural silicone joins are visible between the panes for a frameless effect.

On the internal face of the structural glass roof, frameless glass beams were specified in low iron glass for enhanced clarity and to eliminate the naturally occurring green tint that is present in exposed glass edges. Glass beams and fins were included in the bespoke structural glazing in Lincolnshire to provide additional structural support whilst maintaining a fully glazed design, in keeping with the minimally designed structural glazing.

Aluminium casement windows were designed on a completely bespoke basis for the bespoke structural glazing in Lincolnshire, filling the gable end and allowing natural light to flow freely into the internal living space on both floors. The aluminium window solutions were designed to perfectly fit the space, following the pitched roof structure for a highly glazed exterior design.

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