Gama Issa House

Double height slim sliding doors make an impact on this expansive home

This luxury home, with its exquisite interior design, makes a striking impact with double height slim sliding glass doors. Architects Fernando Guerra designed the complete glass façade, in the form of sliding doors, to ensure the home is brightly lit as well as eye-catching.

The oversized glazing compliments the sleek, elegant exterior of the home and works in contrast with the landscaped garden space it leads to.  


Fernando Guerra


São Paulo, Brazil

The ah!38 sliding system from panoramah! is configured to slide into hidden wall cavities, creating a pocket door configuration. This technique reveals a completely open aperture when open, granting seamless garden access with the flush to floor level finish. Indoor-outdoor living is the key to this design, both interior and exterior have been carefully considered to achieve the oversized glazing look.

Double height sliding doors have been accompanied by other bespoke glazing elements such as a circular frameless window on the ground floor, creating a unique look. Inside the second floor is a loft-style, using frameless glass balustrades in place of walls to offer a safety barrier from the upstairs landing whilst maintaining an almost invisible aesthetic.

When closed, the sliding doors have slim sightlines of just 20mm, boasting uninterrupted views from inside and out. The frames have been powder coated in a pale colour to match the building exterior, never detracting from the unique structure and providing a clean base for the interior design.