Frognal Gardens

New Mondrian® internal doors recently installed to this modern home.

IQ Glass recently installed their new Mondrian® internal doors to this modern home. The addition of these steel framed internal doors has given the interior a modern art deco design and aesthetic.

This style of door uses slim steel framed sections that have been combined to create large expanses of glass screens, this ensures that any light can travel between rooms and will not distract from any views.

The transom bars integrated into these doors have a sightline of only 28mm which has created the homeowners desired pattern and design.

The framing on these Mondrian® internal doors, in particular, has been powder coated black to match with the rest of the modern art deco aesthetic of the house.

Having black internal doors have also allowed these doors to stand out in the home as they contrast with the all-white interior.


The homeowners decided to use a pivoted door. By having pivoted IQ Mondrian® internal doors with such a slim frame of only 55mm, there is no protruding frame once the doors have been opened.

This gives the passageway between the kitchen and living room the maximum amount of space possible.