Forty Farm

Architectural Glazing Installation to An Executive Home

Forty Farm is an executive home situated in an estate of 80+ acres with 6 bedrooms, multiple reception rooms, a swimming pool and a substantial basement gym. IQ Glass designed and installed all architectural glazing elements to this property to provide the incredible, traditional looking home with bright and airy living spaces. The aluminium framed windows and doors installed throughout the home have introduced a contemporary edge to the otherwise traditional, timber framed home.

Our minimal windows sliding glass doors were installed within the property in a number of locations on the ground floor. Installing these sliding doors increases the natural light intake and also allows the homeowners to maximise the use of their outdoor living space by merging the internal and external areas together. The architectural glazing in conjunction with the exposed oak frames creates a contrast, highlighting the modern elements within the traditional architecture.

Different configurations were created with the sliding doors including a biparting door to the hallway with a total of 4 large glazed panels, biparting to create a wide area for access into the hallway from the external courtyard where the swimming pool is located. Sliding pocket doors were also integrated into the design of this home to maximise the space between the bedroom and garden area as well as the dining area and patio area.

Aluminium casement windows were installed to provide natural light into the spaces where sliding glass doors were not installed, including the kitchen area. The architectural glazing in oak frames was designed to enhance the interior design as well as the exterior, matching the exposed oak beams that can be seen throughout the open plan interior design. Natural light is able to pass through into the kitchen and dining area from both sides due to the minimal nature of the slim framed sliding glass doors and casement windows.

A frameless, structural glass link was integrated into this beautifully designed house to create a new bathroom space. Installing a frameless glass link maximised the natural light intake and provided stunning views of the surrounding countryside. When the curtains are closed to provide privacy, natural light can still pass into the bathroom vertically through the glazed roof.

The structural glass roof is another example of architectural glazing in oak frames, with exposed wooden profiles either side of the roof glazing for a continuous flow throughout the executive home.

 The technical team are on hand and equipped to discuss any specification details and assist with the design process to ensure your glazing is tailored to your project.

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