Glass elements compliment sea views in Devon project

This contemporary new build house was designed by renowned architect Stan Bolt and IQ Glass were proud to lend our expertise to the architectural glazing design.

Minimalism and contemporary design were the watchwords of this architectural project with large elevations of glass, minimal frames and intricate detailing key components of the plans.



Overlooking the coast this house was afforded fantastic coastal views so the entire sea facing wall of the ground floor living space was created using our slim framed sliding door system; minimal windows®.

Structural glass roofs and rooflights allow natural light to filter down through the home from the upper floors. A long structural glass strip roof light was designed at the top of the internal staircase. This ensures that natural light is brought all the way from the top of the house to the bottom floor.

All of the upper floors benefitted from a cohesive design of aluminium casement windows that were designed into clean square arrangements to allow for ventilation and maximum exposure of glass.


The contemporary new build house is easily visible from the lower town and stands out dramatically against the green countryside hills.

NB: Although the frames of the glazing are very minimal this installation is a fantastic example of why you should contact us at an early stage of the project. Unfortunately by the time IQ was brought onboard the internal steel structure had already been set out, and the budget wasn't available for larger glass panes. This resulted in the misalignment between the internal steel supports and the sliding glass door sightlines. Imagine what the result would have been if IQ were brought onboard earlier.

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