Elgood Avenue

Industrial style renovation to a family home

Aluminium framed Sieger® Legacy glazing systems were installed to this modern refurbishment in Northwood, Harrow. The family home saw the lower ground floor living spaces opened up to create a lighter and airy open-plan living environment. The homeowners aim was to enhance the connection between the home and garden through the installation of these large glazing systems.


Northwood, Harrow

The Art Deco style of this glazing creates a traditional aesthetic to both the internal and external face of the property. Large panes of glass fill the spaces between each glazing bar to offer outstanding views of the surrounding landscape and garden.

A 4-metre wide aluminium door system spreads across the centre of the rear face of the property creating a wide opening for access through from the kitchen/ dining area onto the outdoor living spaces. This Belgium door configuration offers a wow-factor due to the impressive size and views offered to the homeowners.

Two Sieger® Legacy windows were installed to both sides of the Belgium door to create additional light within the property. A tall floor-to-ceiling fixed Sieger® Legacy window creates an influx of daylight to flood down a hallway that stretches past the kitchen through to the front of the property. To the right of the Belgium door, an elegant top hung window provides the homeowners with a method of ventilation when the weather doesn’t allow for the doors to be opened wide.

During the Summer months, the homeowners can enjoy the breeze of warm Summers air flowing throughout their home through the doors and window openings. This will draw the occupants closer to their patio and garden area, resulting in a beautiful transition between the two environments.