A structural glass link to a new build property

structural glass link was installed to this new build home to beautifully connect two sides of the property. 

Glass links can be used to connect a property like this without having to affect the external face of the building – as the glass is connected to the wall in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with the existing aesthetic of the property.

This glass link stands tall between the two buildings which create an astonishing double height glass design feature when entering the home from the driveway.

The large panes of glass capture the rolling countryside in the background offering picturesque views to those approaching the home.

The glass stands at an impressive 6-metre height to create a glorious double height passageway of light. The light from this passageway then travels through the internal doors that access the main internal living spaces to brighten up the rooms.


Fulcrum Design



Two minimal windows® Vitra Pivots are used as access in both elevations of the glass link. These large format pivoting windows offer access from the back to the front of the property, and vice versa, as well as providing access into the home itself from both sides.

The Vitra Pivot boasts incredibly slim aluminium frames which are the perfect accompaniment to the frameless glass link due to the minimalistic appearance.

The combination of minimally framed openings to the base with frameless structural glass overhead makes the glass link seamless and almost invisible from afar. These types of architectural glass installation can be very useful in extending or renovating listed or sensitive buildings

Glass links can also give properties a real ‘wow factor’ due to their impressive modern appearance which is apparent at this home.

The grand scale of the link, as well as the exceptionally sophisticated design of the Vitra pivots, offers a contemporary finish.