Ebony Court

A contemporary glass extension to a penthouse apartment

IQ Glass designed, manufactured and installed a contemporary glass rooftop extension to this new penthouse apartment on Bishops Avenue. The architect decided to veer away from the modern design trend of using minimal framing, and therefore designed this rooftop glass box extension to have a heavily framed aesthetic with aluminium structural crossing roof beams and aluminium sliding doors. The heavy steel frame structure of the extension was clad in aluminium to create a seamless cohesive design.

A high level of tinted glass coating was applied to the glazing throughout this property. The highly tinted glass was designed to provide as much privacy as possible to the penthouse extension as well as providing an element of solar protection. The solar protective coating helps to keep the internal living spaces cool as the expansive glazing would usually allow a lot of radiant heat to infiltrate into the property - especially as this apartment is on the top floor and will be in direct sunlight for most of the day.

The structural roof glazing was installed with supporting aluminium beams that were designed in a cross-style composition. The roof glazing allows additional natural light into the building and offers glorious views of the sky. The combination of roof glazing and structural glass walls provides the owners with stunning views across the landscape, giving them a place for relaxation and contemplation.

Sliding glass doors were integrated within this design on several faces of the property. The sliding doors on the extension provide access to the rooftop balcony which surrounds the penthouse rooftop extension. Sliding doors are a great way to accentuate an indoor-outdoor living aesthetic as they offer a nearly seamless transition between the two environments.