Eastington Lane

Double Height Extension using Aluminium Frames

This family in Buckinghamshire extended their living spaces with a double height extension.

IQ designed and installed aluminium bi-fold doors, aluminium sliding patio doors, gable end windows and aluminium casement windows to provide a bright open plan living space.



Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire.

Aluminium bifold doors and aluminium sliding patio doors were installed onto the kitchen to create a larger living space. The addition of these styles of doors creates an indoor-outdoor living space, giving the occupants easy access to their newly built decking. The indoor-outdoor living space design trend is becoming very popular.

Aluminium casement windows were installed in the kitchen to create a space for natural light to come onto the preparation areas. Both the bifold doors and sliding doors add to the modern aesthetic of the kitchen.

The sliding patio doors were placed on both sides of the kitchen to create two new entrances to the garden. This also allows the occupants to see the garden surrounding them whilst they are in the kitchen.

The gable end windows, placed above the doors on the ground floor are a perfect statement to the house. These windows allow natural light to come through each morning.


All of these products use aluminium frames that have all been thermally broken, meaning that the home will be well insulated in the winter months.

All windows and doors are tested for water tightness and wind tightness so the living areas will be safe from any bad weather.

A black RAL colour was used for all aluminium windows and doors installed for this home helping to achieve the modern aesthetic.