Structural Glass Roof to Rear Extension

A contemporary extension has been built into this home in Dunstable giving the homeowners the perfect open planned dining area. The glass roof on this extension brings in lots of natural light to brighten the home throughout the day.

By using structural glass for this roof, it allows a fully glazed roof to the room without the need for any framing which would interrupt views of the sky. The use of our thermally insulating structural glazing also maximises the amount of natural light coming into the dining area while still keeping the room at a comfortable temperature in all seasons.


Large structural glass roofs, with a glass joint of longer than 1.3m, always need to have some type of internal structural support. In this Dunstable project, the glass roof meets with a vertical elevation of glazing which is mostly made up of glazed doors.

Here a supporting steel section was installed above the glass doors with protruding steel clamps that could support our glass beams on the outer edge of the space. This helps extend the fully glazed appearance even further. By using these frameless glass beams, the frameless appearance is perfected.


The glass beams had been engineered using multiple layers of toughened glass panels which are laminated to form an extremely strong supporting arm. This strength and durability allow for the glass to be used to support the glass roof as well as allowing enough strength to the structural glazing for two men to walk on the frameless glass roof. This gives the homeowners the confidence that their glass roof is completely safe.

Low Iron Glass is used for the glass beams by IQ as the use of low iron glass reduces the greening effect that occurs naturally in glass products. By using low iron glass the greening effect can be removed from the edge of the glass as well, meaning the installation will include much clearer glass improving the fully glazed frameless appearance.