Double Height Glass Wall with Slim Frames

A new-build property in Henley-on-Thames allows maximum natural light to flood the internal living spaces with the use of oversized structural glazing.

Bespoke large glazing units form a key part of this project with modern glazing technology inviting indoor-outdoor living.

The main feature of this project was the design and installation of a double height minimal guillotine window system. This vertical sliding sash window is designed to be counterweighted; this allows the homeowner to lift the lower pane which draws down the top pane aligning all panes with the fixed centre pane. 

The lower pane aperture provides an instant opening for seamless transitions between the indoor and outdoor living spaces.

When closed, the lifting glass wall maintains the minimal sightlines of the minimal windows system, resulting in a double height opening glass wall with horizontal sightlines of only 21mm.

Additional minimal windows sliding door systems were used throughout the design to maximise light, minimise frame and ensure a cohesive design throughout the building.

On the second floor, a minimal window sliding door was used to provide access to the balcony. The balcony has been finished with a frameless glass balustrade, as they are installed in sequence with the minimal windows slidings doors, the homeowner has an uninterrupted view of the garden.

The glass balustrades installed here are frameless, creating the illusion that they are floating, thus adding a luxurious design feature.

DP Architects designed this stunning modern home, utilising a vast array of glazing to maximise the properties light intake. The large hallway with a double height guillotine window draws the homeowner towards the outdoor living space by creating a nearly seamless indoor-outdoor living environment.

The staircase within the hallway is positioned leading out towards the patio area to make the homeowner feel closer to their garden and patio space.

An open-corner minimal window sliding door system installed to the lounge area of this new build property added a further aspect of indoor-outdoor living to the design - as the doors open at a corner to reveal a completely open aperture on two sides of the room.


In addition to these specialist door installations IQ also designed and installed a large collection of structural glass balustrades throughout the building.

These were used both internally to staircases and landings and externally to the upper floor balconies. The use of frameless structural glass for balustrading allows light to penetrate further into a building and doesn't impede any views out from large elevations of glass.

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