Colt House

Slim framed sliding glass doors create minimally framed access to gardens

The thinly framed glass doors from IQ Glass were used as the patio and balcony access doors on this modern extension and garden room design project.

The small house was set in large green grounds in Suffolk and benefited from a large, double storey extension to the side.


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Within the Suffolk & Essex Coast & Heaths National Landscape

IQ’s slim framed sliding patio doors were used on both the ground floor and new loft room of this new addition to the home.

Using aluminium frames these sliding glass doors have a slim vertical framing junction of only 21mm. All other framing was finished as frameless with a flush floor detail across the base tracks.

The doors here were finished in a light grey powder coat to match the colour pallet of the original building and associated updates.

To the dining area IQ Glass designed and installed a bespoke projecting window, or Oriel Window, to act as a modern window seating area.

No framing structure was used to support that glass, instead, IQ Glass designed the glass to support itself with no framing required.


Bespoke Aluminium windows were used throughout the rest of the existing house to update the external façade.

A new garden room was built just a short distance away from the home and here IQ’s minimally framed sliding glass doors were used allowing the new garden room to merge seamlessly with the large gardens surrounding it.