Church Walk

Maximising Light and Ventilation using Automated Rooflights

IQ Glass designed, manufactured and installed the roof lights used in this Church Walk project. A mixture of frameless roof lights and automated venting roof lights were installed into the roof structure of this house to achieve maximum lighting into the home.

The external edges of these roof lights were stepped and back painted to hide all fixings and to create a flush finish with a neat and frameless look on both the inside and out.


Products Used

Three different sizes of frameless roof lights were used depending on the area of the building they were placed in. The frameless roof lights used in the arches of the roof are much smaller in width and length in comparison to the other roof lights due to the lack of space. On the opposite side of these frameless roof lights are two automated roof lights.

Two longer frameless roof lights were also installed into one of the rooms due to there being more roof space, providing an ideal amount of light into the room.

The final roof light is much larger in width and length, providing the maximum amount of light into this very large room.


IQ Glass installed automated roof lights into this home to allow for ventilation. As these venting roof lights were installed into the arches of the roof, they had to be automated as they are not easily accessible. The electrically powered actuators were fitted internally within the slim aluminium frame creating a minimal opening roof light.

This is the ideal place for this specific roof light to be installed as it is a small opening and provides a necessary amount of light and ventilation into the room.