Chandos Road

Structural glazing used to create side infill extension to terraced home

This home in London opted for a side infill or side return extension when the homeowners sought to expand their useable space. Structural glazing and a glass door were specified for the new extension, to achieve the most minimal design and flood the interior design with natural light.

The extension is home to an eclectic mural wall, where the former party wall has been decorated to reflect the homeowners' maximalist taste. For the painted wall to remain the focus of the design, a minimal glass extension was preferred. To allow the new elements to merge with the old ones, the design included aluminium pressings and powder-coated frames in a cream colour.

Structural glazing was used to create the most minimal design, complete with up and over glazing and a full glass roof. Inside the extension, a frameless picture window allows the natural light from the extension to flow freely into the main building. The glass roof is split into multiple panes, with slim silicone joints and steel supports for a modern industrial design. The roof sits at s slight angle, preventing any rainwater or debris from sitting on the glass.


The highly glazed extension uses structural glass to form an up and over design, with a large, fixed pane sitting above the slim framed aluminium casement door. The box rooflight glazing allows even more natural light to flood the extension, creating a brightly lit space that has completely transformed this area of the home. Previously, the alley to the side of the home was dark and unusable, like a lot of side infill extensions formerly are.

A Sieger Lux casement door was specified for the end of the extension, to link the indoor and outdoor areas effortlessly. The high glass to frame ratio makes this door the perfect choice for enjoying outside views from within the thermally insulated space.

Both the casement door and the structural glazing systems are fully thermally broken, to create a comfortable living temperature for the extension to be used all year round. As well as modern performance values, the thermal break prevents any condensation build-up to maintain a clear glass design.

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