Bentley Manor

Broken plan effect using Frameless Interior System and low iron glass

IQ’s frameless interior system was installed in multiple double-width openings throughout this residential renovation. Two types of frameless system were used in the renovation - one set of pivoting doors and three large double-width sliding doors. 

The set of pivot doors connected the hallway with a large open plan living room. They were designed as self-closing for smooth ease of use, by incorporating hydraulic hinges with back-to-back pull handles and an overhead stop.  Minimal silver handles were chosen to blend seamlessly with the surrounding pale palette used for the walls, frames and skirting boards.

The three sets of sliding doors were installed as single, 1600mm frameless doors that glide smoothly into a pocket in the wall to create a completely clear entranceway. 

Pocket sliding doors can be used to great effect both internally and externally. In this project, they represented a non-intrusive way of opening up the interior layout and creating a more broken plan feel to the ground floor of this family home. 

Broken plan layouts are an increasingly popular interior design trend, as they offer a more seamless inter-connecting layout that maximises the amount of light flooding each space, but with the option of closing internal partitions - or in this case, glass doors – when increased privacy or sound-reduction is desired. 

Two sliding pocket doors were installed on either side of the large open-plan kitchen, creating an uninterrupted transition with the hallway to one side and the dining area on the other. The final sliding door connected with a glass conservatory seating area. 

All of the glass used was specified as low iron to maximise the transparency of the openings. Low iron glass contains a significantly reduced amount of iron oxide particles than found in standard float glass. These particles give glass sections a perceptible green tint when viewed at an angle, which would have impacted the clear view afforded by the glass doors between connecting rooms. 

Each of the panes used throughout the project were also specified as toughened safety glass. IQ use safety glass as standard across all of our projects, even when it isn’t required by building regulations. However, toughened safety glass adds an additional layer of security by ensuring that if a breakage was to occur, the glass would shatter into much larger pieces that would be less likely to injure someone.