Contemporary New Build Using Frameless Windows and Structural Glazing

A contemporary new build in Chorleywood uses frameless structural glazing throughout the home to create frameless windows for an eye-catching design. The modern house uses numerous elements of aluminium framed glazing for a minimal, contemporary design finish, creating a home bathed in natural light.

Sliding patio doors from Sieger Systems were used, to continue the minimal appearance that the frameless structural glass walls and aluminium casement windows provide. Additionally, the sliding patio doors provide primary access to the outside patio area.

The large elevations of Hedgehog Aluminium’s sliding patio doors have been designed with a staggered effect creating a more interesting building design instead of the more traditional modern flush, squared design.



Chorleywood, Hertfordshire

The slim framed aluminium casement doors and aluminium casement windows were designed in combination with frameless windows to enable views of the carefully landscaped garden surrounding the contemporary new build. The large glass elevations provide the perfect balance of daylight and privacy. Enclosing the house too much could have prevented the natural light from entering.

Three large structural glass rooflights have been incorporated into the design throughout the lower floor to increase the amount of natural light into the open plan living spaces.

The owners’ desire for a bright, light-filled hallway leads the design with a frameless roof light and structural glazing incorporated to the front elevation.


Several frameless window arrangements were designed using structural glass with a small opening aluminium window within them for ventilation. Using thin aluminium frames around these windows enables a cohesive design throughout the new build and an impressive design impact from both inside and out.

Additionally, large bespoke gable end frameless windows were designed for the top floor loft room. The gable end windows flood the open planned room with natural light ensuring the assumptions of a small loft room is not the presumed dark, cramped space loft rooms are usually known for.

The contemporary design of this new build works perfectly with the surrounding of the home. The bespoke slim casement windows form an amazing piece of architecture with the angled gable end windows designed to fit into the roof profile.