AY House

Slim framed sliding door systems transformed this luxury home into a light filled paradise

Located in Yarze, Lebanon this property required door systems that delivered exceptional views all year round. The sliding doors by panoramah! did just that, with slim sightlines from just 20mm allowing the homeowners to enjoy the picturesque views from inside their home.

In Lebanon, snow covers the mountains for up to 4 months of every year, creating beautiful views. Therefore, it was imperative for the upper floors of this home to have clear views, as well as the ground floor.


Richard Saad



In the warmer months, the ground floor sliding systems seamlessly merge the indoor and outdoor environments to create one large living space. The large structural openings achieved with the ultra-slim framed sliding door system with sightlines of just 20mm create an indoor-outdoor style of living, whether open or closed.

Two sets of slim framed glass doors are placed at either side of the home, creating a view straight through the middle upon entering. This brightly lit, inviting hallway mimics a central atrium design.

The homeowners can enjoy a seamless transition between the two environments thanks to the flush threshold base detail. The large home features a number of sliding doors, providing different entry points from different rooms whilst flooding each room with natural light.

On the upper floors, glass balustrades frame balcony areas where again there are slim framed sliding doors providing light and access. the expansive use of glazing works in contrast with the dark colour palette chosen for the exterior, creating a luxury cabin aesthetic.

The glazing systems have been finished in a bronze colour, contrasting the dark wood tones used throughout. Exterior cladding has been constructed using a mixture of wood tones, some slates are more bronze than brown and work to enhance the glazed elements.