Ashley Road

Contemporary Extension and Roof Terrace

Designed by an award winning architects practice this contemporary extension was made to improve the layout and living space to the large family home. The glass extension replaced an outdated and badly designed two-storey extension and brought new light and freedom into the homes living spaces.


To the ground floor of the extension IQ Glass designed and installed our popular minimally framed sliding glass doors around three sides of the L shaped extension.

These sliding glass doors allow nearly all elevations of the extension to be opened up onto the large garden with flush floor finishes across the open tracks. The slim aluminium frame of the sliding doors was coloured a dark grey to match the surrounding metal cladding.

The roof of the extension was converted into a large roof terrace, creating an outside area accessible from the bedrooms upstairs. Frameless glass balustrades create a safety barrier to the terrace whilst not impeding on the design or appearance of the single storey extension.

Within the roof of the extension walk on glass floor panels were installed with a transparent ceramic frit pattern for anti-slip resistance to these walk-on units. These walk on two-storey allow light to enter the below extension from the roof terrace above.