Andover Road

Glass Box Extension with integrated Aluminium Windows and Doors

IQ Glass was asked by the project architects to design and install the glass box extension element of this kitchen extension and internal remodelling. The overall effect desired from these reworks was to promote a more open plan living environment around the heart of the home; the Kitchen.

Design of the glass extension was interesting as it was envisioned to seem as if the glass extension was slotting into the building structure. Uneven elements of solid roof jutted from the original building with the glass slotting between.


The area was opened up with internal glass balustrades invisibly protecting level drops from the kitchen to the sunken seating area in the centre of the new glass box extension.

To the extension itself, IQ Glass designed various elements of structural glass, fitting into the uneven level changes at the base and slotted roof design, to be silicone jointed together without any framing required for a frameless glass extension.

Within the structural glass extension design, a modern aluminium patio door and a small aluminium opening window were placed to allow ventilation from the kitchen and allow access to the large gardens and external pool.


These aluminium frames were finished in a powder coated black finish to correspond well with the black structural joints of the glass extension.

double opening set of aluminium doors were used as the patio access doors on this project due to the small opening area available to the design.