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Unique Design

The Warema External Venetian Blinds are the perfect solution for solar shading for any room in the home, home office or commercial buildings. As they are fixed to the external facade of the building they do not take up any space in the internal living areas, resulting in contemporary interior design. The blinds can be finished in a whole array of colours to create a design that is in keeping with the external and internal design.

Within the broad selection of colour options, the slats of the blinds can be finished in either a satin, matte, fine texture finishes – there is also a highly weather resistant/ easy clean finish to further enhance the low maintenance qualities of the blinds.

These Venetian blinds have a large choice of design options to create a tailored finish each project. From the style of fixing, through to the style and colour of the slats. Dim-out slats are available with this product to create dark internal spaces which are ideal for bedrooms. The slat shape of the dim-out option means that each slat interlocks with one another to form a tight barrier against light.

Contemporary External Blinds

These bespoke blinds are designed to provide daylight and privacy in equal measures. The adjustable slat angles enable full control of the amount of sunlight entering the living spaces as well as the amount of privacy desired. Each blind design is made to measure and can be manufactured to special shapes upon request, resulting in tailor-made shading for any type of property.

The Warema blinds offer a versatile solution for new buildings, renovations, glazed extensions and conservatories, full glass facades and much more. The minimalistic fixing options mean that the cables used to adjust the slat angles can be hidden behind glass to glass joins or window framing profiles.

The blinds are manufactured from extruded aluminium with steel wire cord for the cable guidance. The integral strength of these elements ensures that the blinds are manufactured for functionality and longevity, resulting in a shading solution built to last.

As the slats can be finished in a broad array of colour options, the blinds can be designed to blend or contracts with the external finish of each building. The type of fixing details these blinds have mean that the blinds can be easily and quickly installed directly onto windows to offer the perfect shading solutions for new build and renovation projects.



The WAREMA External Blind is available with either manual or automated operation depending on the preference of the user. For manual operation, the blinds can be adjusted using a crank, or for automated blinds, a wall mounted or handheld transmitter can be used or controlled on a smartphone using the dedicated smartphone app. The app enables the blinds to be fully controlled simply from the touch of a button on a smartphone.

An optional addition to this contemporary external Venetian blind is the integration of slat angle technology. The integrated technology means that the slat angle of the blinds can be controlled according to the position of the sun. This means that the angles of the blinds automatically adjust according to when the sun is and how strong the beams of light are penetrating into the internal living spaces.


Maximum Sizes

The blinds can be manufactured to bespoke sizes to fit the exact opening of the glazing. The maximum sizes that the blinds can be manufactured to is approximately 4300mm high x 4500mm wide (depending on the shape of the space). Bespoke shapes for the blinds are also available upon request.

Due to the expansive sizes, the Warema external blinds are ideal for large glazing elevations to help reduce the amount of solar radiation passing through into the internal living spaces. For large elevations of glazing the blinds can be designed with integrated technology which makes the blinds automatically rotate depending on the location of this sun, this means that the homeowner doesn’t need to keep adjusting the blinds as they will do this automatically.

Warema External Venetian Blinds in the Showroom

Warema External Blinds are on display at the IQ Glass Showroom at the Sky House Design Centre in Amersham. The blinds are installed to the external facade of the glass box extension and provide shading to the internal office spaces.

To see the Warema External Venetian Blinds in person, call the IQ Glass office to arrange a showroom visit. Call 01494 722880 or fill out our form here to book your appointment with one of our showroom advisors.



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