Timber Room Dividers

Bespoke room dividers crafted from timber.


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Vertical internal timber louvred partition walls are a beautiful addition to elevate the design and functionality of an interior. 

Vertical timber louvres are typically chosen above horizontal timber lourves to increase the sense of vertical space, whereby horizontal timber louvres are often chosen to amplify the width of living spaces. 

Aside from the soft natural aesthetic, the flexibility and growing trend of using such a sustainable vertical timber louvres within a space offers bespoke solutions to specific design preferences and functional requirements.

Whether you are using internal vertical timber louvred partitions to reduce the amount of sunlight entering a space or adjusted to allow sunlight in for passive solar heating, Avino has the perfect internal timber louvres to suit any scheme.  

Vertical timber louvres for internal use can also offer privacy without sacrificing the amount of natural light entering the space.  The slim slats between the vertical timber wood can be designed using back lighting to create a soothing ambience. 

As well as demarcating spaces while maintaining an open feel, Avino internal timber louvre systems provide the perfect acoustic solution to reduce excessive noise, further enhancing the comfort within the interior.  

With a range of internal vertical timber louvre shapes, our internal divider systems offer a range of privacy levels. From living areas, entrance spaces, home offices, to  bedrooms and bathrooms, the vertical timber louvres are available in a wide range of nature-inspired finishes to suit each project.



Vertical timber for internal louvred partition walls offering privacy, or custom design detail to achieve acoustic or visual enhancements within an interior scheme.  

The vertical timber louvre room divider system is available in a plethora of wood grain finishes to complete any interior design.  Alternative finishes can be achieved by contacting the team with specific project requirements. 

Bespoke Shapes

Vertical timber louvre internal dividers can be shaped to fulfill a bespoke design, whether it be soft curves or highly engineered carving to achieve a stand-alone piece of art, the team can assist in helping to realise your creative vision. 

Maximum Sizes

Vertical timber louvres for internal use can be made to any size however, to achieve a more sustainable outcome, it is not recommended for any one slat to measure beyond 4m tall since the packaging and transportation of long pieces proves less efficient.