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Solar Control Coatings

Neutral solar control coatings from IQ Glass to reduce the effect of overheating through large architectural glass installations

Modern Glass Technology by IQ Glass

Solar Control Coatings

By using a Solar Control Coating on your architectural glazing design you can:

  • Reduce Solar Gain whilst maintaining light transmission and clarity
  • Reduce cooling costs in high glazed spaces
  • Create a comfortable internal environment with a minimal glass design
  • Suitable to be applied to almost any glass specification or product

With the rise in large glass elevations used in architectural design projects both residential and commercial. In addition, the technical advances in the thermal insulation of glass mean more and more architects include large glass elevations in their designs for a contemporary design aesthetic. As well as using a low e coating within the insulated glass, IQ Glass recommends that a solar control coating should be considered in design.

Solar Control Coatings

The solar control coating is applied to the internal face of the external glass panel of an insulated glass unit, also known as face two of the glass unit. The metal oxide coating reduces the amount of short wave radiation that travels through the glass unit thus reducing the increased heat levels inside.

There are a range of solar control coatings available, affording you different levels of light transmission, external tints and solar control. The most popular of these solar control coatings is a 70/35 solar control coating which maintains the unit’s light transmission at 70% for a natural appearance whilst reducing the G factor of the glass unit to 35%.

Solar Control coatings must always be used on an insulated glass unit, either double or triple glazed.