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Commercial projects


Steel Framed Doors

The Mondrian® External Door range offers a selection of industrial style metal doors designed to create a traditional steel design to glazing with modern performance values.

The framing used for the Mondrian® External Doors is fully thermally broken and is available in a range of architectural metals in order to achieve your desired visual effect. These specialist metals include frames made from Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel, Corten Steel and Architectural Bronze.

With a minimal surrounding framework you are able to achieve a vent and frame profile of as little as 47 mm. The Mondrian® External Doors are then able to recreate that slim framing effect in consonance with industrial loft style buildings and art deco design.

The Mondrian® Windows range offers a matching window design with Art Deco style design.

Thermally Broken Steel Doors

The difference between Mondrian® External Doors and other industrial style steel doors is that the Mondrian® External Doors are fully thermally broken and use high insulation double glazed units. This ensures that we achieve the thermal performance requirements of modern building projects and protect internal surfaces from moisture damage (which can occur if you select a non-thermally broken frame).

Our slim framed metal doors have been fully weather tested for air permeability, water resistance, wind resistance and thermal performance.

The durable steel frame of the Mondrian® Doors means that you can design them into large opening sizes, double opening doors and doors within larger steel framed screens or walls. The beauty of steel also means that these doors can be manufactured with arched heads to suit the arched doors of restoration projects.

For security a metal locking plate to suit the chosen framing material is included on any Mondrian® External Door which includes the lever/lever locking handle and key lock. The handles themselves come in a range of designs and finishes including burnished steel, chrome polished finish, polished brass and Corten.

Mondrian® Doors @ The Showroom

Come to the IQ Glass showroom in Amersham to see these architectural steel doors in person. We have a range of steel solutions on show from our Mondrian® range, including the Mondrian® External Doors.

The Mondrian® Glass Box at the Courtyard Showroom in Amersham features a large Mondrian® External Door installation made from thermally broken Corten Steel. These doors show a Belgium door configuration with integrated steel bars for the ideal Art Deco effect.

Our Mondrian® product selector and range of finishing options on show will really help narrow down your specification selection.

Book an appointment with IQ Glass on 01494 722880 or email hello@iqglassuk.com to visit our showroom in Amersham to try and test our Mondrian® External Doors for yourself.

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The Mondrian® Glazing Website

We have created a dedicated website for the Mondrian® Range to offer you all the technical and specification information that you need. The website offers a full selection of the thermally broken Mondrian® systems as well as the non-thermally broken options for internal use.

Just click below to visit the Mondrian® Glazing website and if you have any questions please do contact the team at IQ who would be happy to help offer product suggestions and specification advice.



Commercial use

Steel Framed Doors

Steel Framed Doors

Our slim steel framed doors are suitable for a large range of commercial projects including sensitive heritage buildings. The durability of steel allows these slim frames to be used on high traffic locations such as restaurant entrance doors.

With the option of multiple frame materials these thing steel framed doors are able to suit a wide range of building designs from historical to contemporary.

Obviously due to the traditional steel framing they are often used on traditional historical buildings as replacement doors for out of date steel doors.


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