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Commercial projects


Steel Framed Doors

The Mondrian External Series is a range of industrial style metal windows and doors designed to recreate the traditional steel effect framing used on industrial loft style buildings and art deco design.

IQ can create these elegant metal framed doors, with full thermal breaks, out of a range of materials to achieve the desired visual effect:

  • Galvanised Steel

  • Stainless Steel

  • Corten Steel

  • Architectural Bronze

With a surrounding frame of only 47 mm the Mondrian External Doors recreate that slim framing effect and you have the option to include horizontal transoms throughout the door design as required to create the design aesthetic wanted.

Our Mondrian Windows product offers a window with a matching Art Deco style design.

Thermally Broken Steel Doors

The difference between Mondrian and other traditional Industrial like steel doors is that the Mondrian External Doors are fully thermally broken and use high insulation double glazed units in order to ensure the thermal performance requirements of modern windows and doors.

Our slim framed metal doors have been fully weather tested for air permeability, water resistance, wind resistance and thermal performance.

The durable steel frame of the doors mean that you can design them into large opening sizes, double opening and also can be manufactured with arched heads to suit the arched doors of restoration projects.

For security a metal locking plate to suit the chosen framing material is included on any Mondrian External door which includes the lever/lever locking handle and key lock. The handles themselves come in a range of designs and finishes including burnished steel, chrome polished finish, polished brass and Corten.


Mondrian External Doors

The Secco box at the Courtyard Showroom in Amersham features our Mondrian External Doors, made with Corten Steel. These doors show a Belgium door configuration with integrated steel bars for the ideal Art Deco effect. Book an appointment with IQ Glass on 01494 722880 or email to visit our showroom in Amersham to try and test our Mondrian external doors for yourself.



Frame Size and Materials


The frame profiles of the Mondrian External Doors are designed to be as minimal as possible and mirror the design of traditional steel doors. Profiles, across the vent and the frame, are 47mm to 62mm depending on the placement of the hinges.

Double opening steel doors continue the minimal steel frame with a central profile of 62mm. The specially designed base frame is 47mm with a bespoke low threshold detail.

Mondrian External Doors are available in any of the following materials with the same unique thermal break and slim steel frames; Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel, Corten Steel or Architectural Bronze.


Configurations and Sizes

These steel doors are able to be designed and configured to most specification requirements including inward or outward opening doors in the below configurations:  

Side Hung

Double Opening Side Hung Doors

Steel Doors with Arched Heads

Hinged Steel Doors with Fixed Over lights which can be arched or square.

Hinged Doors with Fixed Side Lights


Each steel door can be made up to 1m wide per leaf and 2.5m high per opening. Larger sizes may be available on request.



 By using our unique thermally broken steel frames, with a two part thermal break, we are able to create traditional steel doors with high levels of thermal performance and NO cold bridging.

The exact performance testing results will differ depending on the configuration of the door, whether the doors are inwards or outwards opening and the threshold option.

Thermal Performance Uw value of 1.48 to 1.6 W/m2K using double glazed units with Ug value 1.1 W/m2K. (for steel doors with a higher thermal performance take a look at our Architectural Metal Door range)

Air Permeability Class 2 to 4 in accordance with EN 12207

Water Resistance Class 1A to 8A in accordance with EN 12208

Resistance to Wind Load  Class C1 to C4 in accordance with EN 12210

Steel Door Design

The minimal steel frames of the Mondrian External System are designed to create opening doors with the same thin steel profiles of other traditional industrial frames.

For the ultimate steel door design we can integrate optional glazing bar designs that can be designed to suit your specifications.

These glazing bars can be either true glazing bars or applied glazing bars in the same material as your frame material, Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel, Corten or Architectural Bronze.


Commercial use


Steel Framed Doors

Our slim steel framed doors are suitable for a large range of commercial projects including sensitive heritage buildings. The durability of steel allows these slim frames to be used on high traffic locations such as restaurant entrance doors.

With the option of multiple frame materials these thing steel framed doors are able to suit a wide range of building designs from historical to contemporary.

Obviously due to the traditional steel framing they are often used on traditional historical buildings as replacement doors for out of date steel doors.


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