Internal MIRO glass doors

MIRO minimal interior system is a versatile range of elegant internal slim framed glass doors.

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MIRO minimal interior system

MIRO minimal interior system is a versatile range of elegant internal slim framed glass doors.

The MIRO internal slim framed glass door range has a solution to match any interior design scheme. Aside from transparent glass, glass patterns that offer privacy or create a diffused effect are achieveable adding warmth and elegance to any space.

MIRO internal glass door system offers three types of functional internal slim framed aluminium glass doors including hinge, pivot and slide.

MIRO Hinge Quad

The MIRO Hinge Quad range is a slim profile aluminium framed glass door designed to allow natural light to pass through as well as adding class to any interior.

Simplicity and minimal detail of design and concept is at the core of this internal hinged door and is available in a steel effect for a traditional or industrial look. 

View the MIRO Hinge Quad brochure.

MIRO Pivot

The MIRO Pivot internal glass door is a beautiful minimal glass door for the most elegant of opening internal doors with a precision engineered self close system. 

The Pivot requires no outer or surrounding frame with the leaf able to be directly fixed into the building structure for a frameless solution with greater acoustic reduction.

View MIRO Pivot Brochure

MIRO Sliding Glass Door

MIRO Sliding glass minimal aluminium framed doors are a series of internal sliding glass door solutions.

Like the other two MIRO options, the slim framed high-performance internal sliders are available with different glass finishes whether clear, frosted or decorative, plus a range of handle options and finishes.  

The slimline system has a reinforced rail at the head and the base allowing for larger panes of glass.  

MIRO Slide is available in a plethora of configurations including biparting and sliding pocket. 

View MIRO Slide Brochure