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Modern Steel Windows

MHB slim steel windows merge the beautiful designs of traditional steel windows with modern performance requirements. The MHB SL30 slim framed windows are made from steel or architectural metal and are all fully thermally broken to provide you with unparalleled insulation from a steel frame.

The MHB slim window range has a steel frame from 50mm wide for an extremely slim and clean window design or from 30mm for fixed windows. These slim framed steel windows can be engineered into inward or outward opening windows including fixed and multi-light window solutions. The steel fabrication factory can engineer these steel windows to large sizes in order to offer projects large elevations of steel-framed glazing.

The steel window frames offer a bespoke design that is manufactured to the exact size and design required for your architectural glazing. This traditional glazing design offers ultra-slim profiles for sophisticated architectural designs that have maximum glazing to flood internal living spaces with light. These light and airy internal spaces will have a strong industrial interior design due to the custom steel MHB windows.

This thermally broken steel window system is available as large fixed steel windows with minimal sightlines of just 30mm. This impressively slim steel window can be designed to impressive sizes of 3m x 1.5m for large apertures of glazing. This system creates modern, yet timeless Bauhaus inspired architectural designs for a range of properties from new builds through to renovations and extensions to existing buildings.

Artisan Industrial Design

The MHB systems are manufactured in a specialist steel fabrication factory in order to achieve the highest levels of design and performance. These art deco window designs are an integral element of modern architectural design and deserve the highest level of attention and precision.

These custom steel windows are available in a wide choice of frame finishes including anodic, metallic, fine texture and matte which are all available in a wide selection of RAL colours. The bespoke nature of these steel windows means that the whole system can be designed to meet the architectural intent, from the glazing bar arrangement to the opening configuration and ironmongery options.

There is a large selection of handle options to choose from, each offering a unique design to create the desired Bauhaus style window aesthetic. The handles for the steel-framed windows have matching designs for the steel-framed doors. The matching door system, MHB Slim External Steel Doors, is also available for a cohesive steel window and door design. Why not combine these art deco glazing products together to create a trendy industrial style aesthetic throughout the architectural design.

Metal windows can create historic authenticity, an industrial look or a modern luxury home. There's a huge architectural design opportunity with steel windows offering bold, traditional design often used in terraced home extensions and renovations. Steel framed glazing has an aesthetic that will last for centuries, it's a timeless design that is growing in popularity year on year.

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Heritage Steel Windows

Steel windows look outstanding when installed beside clean white walls for a juxtaposing colour scheme. Metal framed windows can also look impressive when installed within exposed brick external walls or modern white rendered walls. The contrasting colours create a truly striking architecture that has a contemporary yet authentic heritage style.

Steel framed windows do not offer the same minimalistic, contemporary aesthetic as minimally framed sliding doors or frameless glazing. However, the elegant steel glazing bars frame the external views in a different manner; they create a large picturesque view filled with smaller 'picture frames' in between the crisscrossing steel frames.

Even though the window opening has a larger volume of frame compared to minimally framed glazing systems, these steel industrial windows allow a vast amount of natural light to flood into the internal living spaces. These steel-framed windows are a feature themselves; they can certainly become the main feature within the architectural design which you cannot achieve this minimally framed glazing. With frameless or minimally framed glass systems the aim is to create a highly modern Miesian style, whereas with the MHB steel windows the aim of the design is to create distinctive ingredient.

These steel glazed windows do not have to include a large number of glazing bars within the design, due to the bespoke nature of this system they can be designed however they are desired. To keep the industrial style but reduce the amount of crisscrossing glazing bars the design can focus on framing large panes of glass to achieve maximum light ingress while sill possessing a Bauhaus glazing style.

Bespoke steel glazing

These well-designed modern metal windows include thermal breaks to provide impressive insulation. The thermal break prevents heat from being transferred from the external frame to the internal frame (which causes heat loss). The glazing bars can be either true or applied glazing bars when considering the design of these bespoke windows you can usually choose between true or applied glazing bars.

True glazing bars are a more traditional option as they were a necessity when glass engineering was in its early stages, however, it is now possible to use applied glazing bars which create the same aesthetic as true glazing bars, IQ Glass include dummy spacer bars within the design to achieve a true glazing bar aesthetic.

The MHB Slim Steel Windows are an exclusive glazing system that offers the slimmest steel sightlines in the world. These high specification steel-framed windows are a thermally broken solution offering ultra-slim aesthetics. IQ Glass are proud to partner with MHB to offer these elegant steel windows in the UK.

For more technical information about these industrial steel windows, speak to the team at IQ who can provide you with a full technical specification sheet, advise you on costs and offer their inspiration and technical advice - please email hello@iqglassuk.com or call 01494 722 880.

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