Legacy Conservation Rooflight System

Conservation Rooflights are designed with slim frames and a low-profile to match with the roofline, enhancing the aesthetics of a building. The internal lining sits flush to the reveal and can be finished to blend with the internal décor.

Flush Finishes

The Legacy Conservation Rooflight system from Sieger is installed to sit flush with pitched roofs rather than on an upstand like most of our rooflight products. Frameless designs can be created to provide homeowners with incredible sky views without any framing obstruction.

This conservation rooflight can be used in roof pitches between 15° and 60° with aluminium frames that can be powder coated in any RAL colour to match the rest of the home design combined with either double or triple glazing.

All fixings are accessible from the outside, meaning the rooflight can be installed to existing buildings as part of a renovation with minimal disruption to internal finishes.

Sieger’s conservation rooflight is perfect for most projects with a pitched roof where additional natural light is wanted or to combine a number of units adjacent to one another to create an entirely glazed ceiling.

Traditional and Listed Properties

Conservation rooflights are more popular on traditional or listed properties due to the flush finish with very minimal or no visible framing. IQ are able to integrate glazed bars into the rooflight design to continue the more traditional design.

Although these rooflights are better suited for conservation areas, you will still need to make sure the correct sizing and amount of natural light and ventilation is provided. If your project includes a more visible sloped roof then smaller conservation rooflights may be better suited.

Installing a rooflight onto your property is one of the best ways to bring natural light into a building discreetly but effectively. These rooflights in particular can distribute light to low-level structures and can brighten darker areas of a room where windows may not reach.

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Technical Specification

8mm TXD outer / 18mm argon gas cavity / 13.5 TXD-LAM inner

The inner pane of any roolfight system should be laminated so ensure the safety of those bellow in the event of breakage. 

In order to achieve high thermal performance levels the aluminium frame has a polyamide thermal break. 

Maximum size per pane is 1.5m x 3m - there is no maixmum number of panes that can be used together.

The system can be used as a singular rooflight, modular or as an apex rooflight.

We recommend that the systems is pitched between 15 - 60 degrees.