Glass Walled Swimming Pools


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Underwater Windows

To create beautiful, glass ends to your swimming pool that allow clear views and natural light to flow through the space, opt for structural glass panels.

These unique glass panels grant views from both inside and outside of your swimming pool, becoming a truly standout design feature. From the outside, the innovative design reveals clear underwater views. When swimming, uninterrupted views of the surrounding environment speak for themselves.

The glass edges and fixing details are hidden in the swimming pool structure, allowing for a frameless design or floating window effect

Submerged Viewing Panels

IQ work closely with architects on the positioning of the glass edges, carefully positioning the glass to provide a view into the pool from the inside of a home.

Used to create or replace part of the pool side, natural light flows into the swimming pool as well as the property. This method of design gives a visual impression of no wall at all, simply revealing vertical edges to the water.

This method creates incredible views of swimmers, part submerged in the water, for fantastic photography opportunities.


Structural Glass

Structural glass presents very few limitations on size or structure, that is what allows us to design ad install such innovative applications.

Due to the location of this specialist glazing, toughened laminated glass panes will always be used. This ensures that in the event of a breakage, the glass pane stays in place, keeping the water inside the pool. The glass manufacturing process’ also ensure any breakages shatter into rounded, harmless pieces to prevent damage to the occupants or surrounding structure.

Technical Glass Solutions

There are a range of technical glazing solutions that can be used to enhance swimming pool designs. Low iron glass can be specified for ultra-clear glass, granting the best views. Low iron glass also helps to eliminate the naturally green tint that can occur in exposed glass edges.

Coloured interlayers can be specified to achieve a bespoke design, with a wide range of colours and patterns available upon request. Low maintenance glass may also help in keeping the glass streak free, where it could be affected by the chemicals used in swimming pools.

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