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Fire Rated Glass Walls

IQ Glass can expertly create fully insulating, clear, fire rated glass walls that offer fire resistance for 30-120 minutes of integrity and insulation (EI30-EI120) using specially designed fire rated glass units.

The frameless fire rated glass panels will be made from two or more sheets of toughened glass layered with a transparent intumescent gel interlayer which reacts when exposed to fire.

The number of sheets of toughened glass and fire rated intumescent layers is specified depending on the level of fire rating that is required for your glass wall.

Our fire rated glass satisfies the highest demands of fire protection and is available in a wide range of variations.

Designing with Fire Glass

Fixed fire rated structural elements can be integrated with fire rated framing systems to create a fire rated elevation that is contemporary and minimalist.

Frameless Fire Rated Structural Glass units can be used as frameless vertical partitions for internal or external applications. All fire rated fixings can be hidden in the building surround leaving a full glass opening. Each fire rated glass panel is silicone jointed together with fire rated silicone to create a fully fire rated elevation.

These frameless fire rated glass panels can come in a range of fire ratings from EW30 – EI120, their maximum dimensions and glass thicknesses will depend on the fire rating required.


Glass Specification

Frameless Fire Rated Glass is available in both a single pane format or insulating double glazing with low e coatings if required.

The thickness of the fire rated glass panel will depend on the size of the glass unit and the fire rating which it is required to have. 30/30 fire-rated glass with a thickness of 17mm-30mm. 60/60 fire rated glass partitions can be 25-41mm thick with a 90mm fire rated glass unit being up to 70mm thick. See the technical specification sheet for more information.

For internal use, it is possible to create frameless glass walls with a slim silicone joint of 3-10mm thick. For external applications, where a double glazed unit is required, the sightlines will be typical of most silicone-jointed structural glass.

Maximum Sizes

The maximum size of a panel of frameless fire rated glass, and the height of a fire rated glass façade, will depend again on the fire resistance required from the glazing. Maximum heights range from 3m for a 30/30 fire rated glass façade to 3.8m for a 60/60 fire rated glass unit.

Consult our fire rated specification document for more information about the maximum sizes available for the fire rating you require.


 Fire rated glass has to be designed and installed in correspondence with the pre-determined tested sizes and applications. This ensures that the glass elevation will be securely fire rated and will allow us to provide a fire certificate for the project.

All installation and construction drawings will be produced for each project by the IQ Glass design team depending on the type of fire-rated glass that is used and the application.

All installation must be carried out by IQ Glass UK in order for us to provide a fire certificate.

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Commercial use

Frameless Fire Rated Glass Facades

As Frameless Fire Rated Glass is available in units with up to a 90 minutes integrity and insulation fire rating it is possible to use these minimal glass constructions on larger commercial projects.

In larger buildings fire rated glass is very common as exit ways will need to maintain fire free for a longer time period to allow the full capacity to the building to escape.

For internal glass, partitions it is possible to create a slim silicone joint between the fire rated glass panels of 3-10mm. External fire rated glass facades will maintain the sightlines of a typical structural glass wall.

Glass thickness will depend on the fire rating, line load requirements and application of the fire glass.

IQ Projects is the specialist commercial division of the IQ Group - www.iqprojectsuk.com

Featured Project

This multi storey internal hotel lobby was the main exit and fire escape from the luxury hotel complex. As such all the balconies, walkways and windows that overlooking this space had to be fire rated in order to ensure that this main exit route stayed fire free in the event of an evacuation.

The multi-storey frameless glass façade was made with frameless silicone jointed glass with a 90 minute fire rating. This clear glass wall maintains a large amount of light transmission through the glazing into the walkways from the hotel rooms.

Smaller windows to the hotel rooms themselves were made with 90 minute fire rated glass within a fixed steel frame.


Frameless Fire Rated Glass Walls Technical Specification Sheet