Fire Rated Glass Floors

IQ Glass designs, supplies and installs specialist fire rated glass in a structural walk on glass floor structure with fire ratings of up to 60/60

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Fire Rated Glass

Walk on glass floors required to carry a fire rating to protect exit ways and stop the spread of fire from lower floors upwards are developed and tested to withstand a prolonged period of protection during a fire.

Toughened glass will withstand temperatures up to 260°C whereby fire rated glass can withstand temperatures in excess of 870°C.

Transparent fire-rated walk on glass floors is a complex technical glazing product and one that IQ Glass has extensive experience in.

IQ Glass designs specialist walk-on glass units with a fire rating of up to 60/60. Fire-rated glass is an extremely specialist and delicate area of architectural glazing design. By combining elements of structural glass and high specification fire-rated glass, IQ Glass is able to create a fire-rated glass floor that can achieve fire ratings of up to 60 minutes integrity and 60 minutes insulation (E160).

IQ has the capability of creating oversized fire-rated glass floors with full safety and fire-rated certification and testing to EN 13501-2 in line with Building Regulations Approved Document B. 

Full Fire Rated Assembly

When specifying fire-rated glass, it is important to keep in mind that all elements of the construction will need to be fire rated in order to gain a fire certificate. IQ Glass offers an entire fire-rated glass floor structure including fire-rated steel supports for a larger or longer walk on fire-rated glass floor.

Various glass shapes can be achieved, and have been tested, as part of the IQ Fire glass floor solution allowing greater flexibility in the design of fire-rated glass installations. Shapes from circles, curved edges and slanted edges can be achieved and allow the fire-rated glass floor installation to line up with oddly shaped walls or walkways. 

Additionally, a larger number of screen printed finishes can be chosen for the walk on surface of the fire-rated glass floor to provide an anti-slip finish in a range of colours and patterns.

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