Box Rooflight

Fully thermally broken rooflight design


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Bespoke rooflight design

This unique fixed glass box rooflight dramatically increases the amount of natural light flooding the room below, while the frameless box design creates a sense of additional height and space that opens up the entirety of the internal living space.

Designed using our own Invisio structural glazing system, the fixed box rooflight can be specified in large or bespoke sizes and configurations to create extensive overhead glazed sections. With seamless slim silicone jointed glass-to-glass connections, the frameless design maximises the light transmission through the rooflight, particularly useful for brightening internal rooms with small windows.

Modern glazing technology

The minimal glazed box design doesn’t compromise on performance. The box rooflight system has been fully tested to exceed modern weather resistance requirements, including water, air and wind load resistance. This contemporary glass technology ensures that the space remains warm and comfortable, regardless of the climate outside.

The minimal glazed system boasts exceptional thermal performance ratings of 1.2W/m2K. The fully thermally broken frame provides an impressive Uf value by ensuring that the heat remains trapped inside during the colder months, while also preventing condensation build-up on the internal face of the glass.

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Enhanced security

Structurally bonded glass to the frame ensures maximum security while creating a modern, minimal aesthetic that cannot be achieved when securing glass using glazing beads.

Our box rooflights use toughened glass as standard, with a laminated interlayer providing essential additional safety by preventing the glass from falling into the void in the unlikely event of breakage.

Technical specification

The standard glass specification used is 8mm TXD outer / 16mm argon gas-filled cavity / 2x6mm TXT inner with a low-e coating.

Toughened glass with a laminated inner pane is specified as standard to provide essential safety for the user.

The frame is fully thermally broken for high thermal performance.