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Glass Birds Can See

Bird friendly glass has a specialist glass coating that can be applied within almost any glass unit that creates a transparent pattern on glass which is visible to birds.

Various scientific studies have shown that birds have extra sensitivity to UV light and the Ultra Violet Spectrum. Bird Protection Glass uses this and creates a transparent glass unit which contains a patterned, UV reflective coating, visible to birds.

To the human eye the pattern and coating is almost invisible leaving large, clear glass surfaces as part of the architectural design.

The pattern and coating was developed within the same discipline as Biomimicry Design Theory which looks to get answers to human problems from nature. The pattern is made from various uneven criss-crossed lines which look to create the visible appearance of a spiders web to a birds vision. As a result birds can then visually detect a glass surface and avoid it.

Architecture for Nature

At IQ, we work on projects all over the UK creating beautiful elevations and constructions of glass. These large glass surfaces offer unprecedented levels of design and performance for architects and designers looking for a modern finish to their glazing. They help connect internal spaces to the outside, offering occupants fantastic views over the countryside and landscapes.

But these clear glass surfaces that we create to appreciate nature are so transparent and unobtrusive that they can become a hazard to wildlife and birds.

Not only are bird deaths from glass collisions detrimental to the UK bird population, but it can be distressing for the occupants of a building.

With Bird Protection Glass to your architectural design, you are able to achieve the best of both worlds with large clear glass elevations that are sympathetic to the local wildlife.

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Maximum Sizes and Glass Specification

Bird friendly Glass

Bird Protection Glass is available in pane sizes up to a maximum of 2.8m x 6m.

The bird protection pattern is a coating applied within the glass unit however to ensure that the coating is visible to birds the glass must always be laminated.

The glass specification will be determined by the resulting glass application. Bird Protection Glass can be used on almost any thickness of toughened glass we need and can then be used to create single glazed installations, double glazed units or triple glazing.

Additional glass finishes like Low E coatings are used for insulated glass units. Solar Control Coatings can be integrated to enhance the solar control through the glazing.

Glazing Applications

Bird Protection Glass can be utilised in almost any glass structure or glazing product. Due to the purpose behind Bird Protection Glass it is very well utilised on large areas of clear glass such as those created from:

Structural Glass Box Extensions

Structural Glass Walls

Aluminium Glass Facades

minimal windows ® Sliding Doors

minimal windows ® 4+ Sliding Doors

HIRT Swiss Descending Windows

Mondrian® Glazing