Bespoke Glass Lift Shafts

IQ Glass can design and install bespoke modern contemporary glass lift shafts for architects and designers.


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Contemporary Glass Lifts

IQ Glass UK can design and manufacture residential glass lift shafts. The increase in the use of glass in high spec residential projects has created a demand for modern contemporary glass lift solutions designed on a bespoke basis for architects and designers. IQ Glass can team up with external lift engineering companies to provide a holistic solution to residential glass sharfts and cars.

All glass lift shafts supplied by IQ Glass UK will be CE marked and conform to relevant safety standards. Using glass in these applications within residential projects is becoming a lot more prevalent with the need for more innovative designs being called for. Using IQ’s expertise in glazing, curved and shaped glass panels can create highly unique lift shaft installations with minimal supporting steel and framing surrounding the carriages and shaft. A frameless glass installation creates paths of light through your space opening up essential level change access.

Internally or externally, glass lift shafts offer panoramic views of your surroundings, either the sumptuously decorated interior of the home or fantastic external views of either city or nature.

Bespoke Lift Designs

Each element of the lift shaft will be explored and designed from the drives, roof and sides, making sure that all elements of the glass lift shaft are in keeping with health and safety regulations for your project whilst creating a stunning aesthetic. The company installing a glass lift within the glass lift shaft will ensure that the lift conforms to regulations and that both the lift and lift shaft operate in harmony.

IQ Glass are able to design and install structural glass lift shafts with a minimal finish. These glass lift shafts are great for creating a fully glazed yet insulated enclosure for a home lift. IQ are able to create glass lift shaft boxes to almost any height, width and design as required by the architectural design.

Once your glass lift shaft is installed by our expert installers, IQ Glass can then offer a tailor made maintenance package for your high end installation. Contact IQ Glass UK for more details.

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Glass Lift Shaft Design

Structural glass panels were installed by IQ to create a bespoke glass lift shaft in the University College London Wilkins building in Kings Cross. IQ used structural glass to allow students, professors and visitors to be able to know which level they are going to or passing. Using structural glass for this lift was ideal as it allows natural light to pass through the building, keeping the space well-lit throughout the day.

This glass lift provides a contemporary addition to the traditional building by creating an almost frameless finish, matching with the frameless glass balustrades on either side of the lift. Metal cladding has also been used in this design to hide any external fixings, which also matches with the handrails integrated into the glass balustrades, creating a consistent design throughout the building.

There are many benefits to installing an internal or external glass lift hafts into a commercial property as they can enhance natural light into the small space and can provide incredible views of the surrounding areas.

Externally, glass lifts can provide impressive views of the surrounding city and any other area. These views can be enhanced by using frameless glass within the design to reduce the obstruction to views. A range of glass options can be used to suit the requirements of each and every project.


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