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From the beauty and elegance of natural timber comes the Avino Vero Sliding Door, where bespoke framings and natural designs create timber lift and slide made for architecture. The Avino Timber Vero Sliding Door offers a sightline of 90mm on all edges, as well as frameless or 41mm wide fixed frames.

The Vero Timber Sliding Door can be integrated within a glass wall, combining the beauty of a timber slider with the sleek elegance of glass, achieving frame sightlines as small as 5cm all around the fixed glazing.

Other configurations include fixed 90° corners, two-track motorised options, and couplings with other Vero Windows and Doors.

Designed specifically for the Vero range, our handles offer an internal and external flush pull in a variety of stainless steel satin finishes. 

As flush thresholds are essential to modern living, the Avino Timber Vero Sliding Door was designed to perfectly match this need. The internal and external floor finishes flow freely across the base frame of the wooden sliding door. No level changes or dips in the floor are visible, allowing the easy movement across the sliding door threshold for all users.  

The Vero Sliding Door functionalities can be taken even further with the integration of fly screens, venetian blinds and even glazing bars as little as 25mm wide for a more classic look.

Floors, walls, ceilings and internal details can all be designed to match the framing of the timber sliding door profile.

Externally, the slim sliding door frames are finished in a range of aluminium profiles to offer the highest levels of durability and performance throughout the sliding door’s lifetime. These exterior finishes are possible to select from a range of PPC or anodised finishes to suit your project’s exterior design.


Internal Finishes

Our Vero Timber Sliding Doors are available in a number of Oak and Wild Oak finishes to enhance the focus on timber and embrace its natural aesthetic. 

External Finishes

Externally, the outer frame is capped with bespoke aluminium profiles, glass, or both, all of which are designed and crafted to the exact requirements of the project.

Maximum Sizes

Each sliding panel of the Avino Vero Timber Sliding Door systems can reach a maximum height of 3000m and width of 5935mm, with a maximum weight of 400kg. For optimum performance, the height should not be larger than 2.5x the sash width. 

Handle Options

With their slim, functional and ergonomic designs, the handles are available in stainless steel finishes mounted on the inside of 5cm frame with a square or oval rosette.


The Vero Timber Sliding Door has been designed with the highest quality materials and engineering practices to create a beautiful, optimally performing door system. The system is fully tested for air permeability, water resistance, wind resistance, acoustic performance and thermal insulation.  

Passivhause Sliding Door

Achieving exceptional levels of thermal and sound insulation, the Avino Vero Lift and Slide Door is compatible with passivhaus design principles with timber at the core, providing thermal insulation up to Uw 0.58 W/m2K, and Class 4 air tightiness.

Matching Windows and Doors

All Avino Vero Sliding Doors can match windows and doors from the Vero Window and Door range.